The Power of Education for Girls

In CNN’s recently posted article, “Teach a girl, enrich the world,” Erna Solberg and Hannah Godefa explore the important correlation between young girls and education.

Solberg, prime minister of Norway and co-chair of the U.N. Secretary General’s Millennium Development Goals Advocates (MDGs), and Godefa, UNICEF National Ambassador for Ethiopia, are two women who come from completely different generations, cultures and countries, yet they share the same goal: invest in girls.

Several people do not realize how young girls are left without an education and robbed of a prosperous future. According to the article, 28.5 million children who live in conflict-affected countries are out of school; over half of these children are girls.

“The key is investing in girls’ potential, something that can be a win-win for everyone – enabling female participation in local economies can accelerate the fight against poverty, inequity and gender disparity. When you educate a girl, you educate a nation.”

Solberg and Godefa voice a powerful message, one that is hopeful and bright however it cannot be done alone. There are 700 days to go until the MDGs deadline and the goals that have been set cannot be reached without a greater investment in girls’ empowerment.

As I finished reading this article, it made me think of different organizations that are striving to support those in poverty-stricken areas. Kiva is an amazing organization that comes to mind when thinking about creating independence and opportunity for individuals. The non-profit organization provides loans to individuals who are looking to start a business and become financially stable. Several young girls and women without an education are unable to carry jobs or an income. Kiva helps women and young girls who have dreams of owning their own businesses and independently supporting themselves.

I enjoyed this article, however I would have appreciated learning about more ways to help. This could have been a great chance for organizations, such as Kiva, to be heard.

What are specific organizations you can think of that help women and young girls gain an education or career?

I’d love to read your feedback!


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