When Should I Start Applying for Jobs?

Trying to find your way as a twenty-something in the career world; Girls HBO

Trying to find your way as a twenty-something in the real world; Girls HBO

I recently read Lindsay Olson’s post on when to start applying for a job as graduation looms in the (near) future. The answer? NOW.

I’ve heard this answer from numerous professors, yet when I read what I already knew I still found myself shocked and overwhelmed. Now is the time to start looking for a job, and as I type up this post I still find myself scrambling to accept that graduation is less than five months away. Despite having to take a few deep breaths, I continued to read the post and my excitement came back to me. This is the time. Right now. My determination advanced and my nervousness immediately left. Lindsay’s advice only further fueled my emotions.

With graduation right around the corner, Lindsay suggested building relationships and attending any relevant events around campus that would be of use for networking and broadening your knowledge in the PR field. Aside from in-person events, you should also be building yourself online.

Here on campus, PRSSA is a helpful tool to gain rich information in all things PR and all things pertaining to soon-to-be-graduates interested in the industry. UO PRSSA has been a huge help in developing my resume, as well as having me think about which area of PR I am most interested in (in-house vs. agency, etc.). These are important topics to explore.

Lindsay also suggested getting a part-time internship with an agency shortly after graduation because this will 1) be extremely helpful when networking and 2) may turn into a full-time job. I never thought about agency PR because I have always been focused on in-house PR, but after reading this post I’d like to explore it in more depth. I am very passionate about in-house PR, however I am not opposed to broadening my knowledge at an agency either.

What are your thoughts on agency PR vs. in-house PR? How early do you suggest to start applying for jobs and internships leading up to graduation?

Give me your thoughts and feedback!


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