I Won’t Stand For…

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have joined with USA Network’s award-winning public service program, Characters Unite, and are standing up against hate. Every bit of this 41-second PSA is powerful, inspiring and encourages individuals to share what they won’t stand for on the network’s Characters Unite website.

Macklemore (left) and Lewis (right)

Macklemore (left) and Lewis (right)

Fresh off their Grammy win for “Best Rap Album,” Macklemore and Lewis have been making headlines around the world. They are widely applauded for their political and beautifully poetic rap lyrics in each of their songs, most notably, “Same Love.” They are taking a stand against any form of hate and it’s having an impact on society.

Watching this PSA gives me chills; it is hopeful and inspiring. We have the power to create change and take a stand. These two artists alone are supporting love and acceptance, something that sadly hasn’t been done by many other artists and celebrities. Macklemore and Lewis are doing more than just wearing a t-shirt stating something political, they are being vocal, they are taking action. What if other artists and celebrities were more vocal and stood up against hate? How would this further impact our society? Several individuals idolize these artists and celebrities we see in the tabloids – imagine if more people in the public eye promoted unity and equality for all.

I won’t stand for religious intolerance. I won’t stand for hate. I won’t stand for sexism. I won’t stand for unequal rights. I won’t stand for harassment. I won’t stand for…

What will you not stand for?


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