Reinventing the Disney Princess


Jewel Moore, a junior in high school from Farmville, Va., recently posted a petition on asking Disney to create plus-size Disney princesses. Moore’s call to action stems from wanting young girls, such as herself, properly reflected in the popular Disney franchise. If Disney were to take action and reinvent the Disney Princess, there is high potential it would create stronger self-confidence in young girls.

Moore’s petition has already collected close to 26,000 signatures, and although there is no specific cap in order for Disney to take action, they are aware of the petition because they receive an email each time someone signs their name.

I completely admire and respect Moore for creating this petition and agree that Disney should do a better job in representing girls and women of all shapes and sizes. For several years, Disney has created the same type of princess – Caucasian and thin. Although Disney has had moments of creating princesses that are strong-willed, independent and intelligent, these traits tend to surface as the princess has received a marriage proposal. It would be amazing to see more diversity in the Disney franchise and for young girls to have heroins to look up to who don’t need to be saved by a man. Disney has made positive strides towards creating a more progressive Disney Princess, however there is still more to be done. I’m happy Moore’s petition has reminded others of this as well.

What are your thoughts on reinventing the Disney Princess?


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