How to Become a Great PR Professional


Diane Schwartz, Senior Vice President and Group Publisher of the Media Communications Group at Access Intelligence, recently wrote a post on the PR News Blog regarding nine effective habits to becoming a stronger PR person. Schwartz stresses that there are three types of PR professionals: ineffective, good and great. Several are good, however good PR professionals will not create positive change in an organization’s reputation.

Becoming great takes hard work. According to Schwartz, there are nine specific habits to acquire in order to become great, which include:

1. Listen hard

2. Speak the local language

3. Read until your eyes hurt

4. Embrace measurements

5. Become a subject matter expert

6. Practice your math

7. Hone your writing skills

8. Master your Social

9. Be a PR advocate

One of the most important habits on Schwartz’s list, in my opinion, is habit number two: speak the local language. By understanding the language of the community you are serving, you will have a stronger campaign. Without this understanding, your message will be lost or misunderstood.

Another habit I find important on Schwartz’s list is tactic number five: become a subject matter expert. What I am currently learning in my core PR classes is to focus on your interests and passions. By focusing on what you are truly passionate about, you are better able to understand that specific area of interest. If you try to focus on multiple subjects that are all completely different from one another, you will most likely struggle to achieve a full understanding of each niche. Focusing on one allows you to become the go-to expert in that specific niche, which will ultimately lead you to becoming a great PR professional.

What is a habit you find most important in becoming a great PR professional? What are important habits you feel should be added to the list? I would love to read your feedback!


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