The Importance of Knowing Your Audience


Facebook recently unveiled its custom gender option which includes over 50 different subcategories of gender. Not only is this a positive step for individuals who may not solely identify as male or female, but it is also an important step in the way Facebook communicates with its audience. (Other organizations take note; this can be an important lesson.)

Several organizations can lose sight of who their target audience is, what their interests are and how they identify themselves. As a communicator, it is important to not only know your audience, but to know them well. If you stumble to understand this information, there is the possibility you are alienating a current, or future, client. By providing more options and catering to publics that use your product, organization, etc., you will have a happier client.

“Over the past few years, a person’s Facebook profile truly has become their online identity, and now Facebook has taken a milestone step to allow countless people to more honestly and accurately represent themselves,” said Chad Griffin, president of the homosexual activist group Human Rights Campaign.

Knowing your audience also plays a large role in an organization’s brand. For example, Facebook wants its users “to feel comfortable being your true, authentic self.” Facebook is branding its organization in a way that is accepting and understanding of all individuals; it is a trustworthy brand that allows you to be yourself.

Do you think Facebook is communicating with its audience effectively?



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