The Future of Snapchat

In Mashable’s recently posted article, “Surfing Organization Rides the Snapchat Wave,” the use of Snapchat to connect with fans is explored. Currently, ASP, the Association of Surfing and Professionals, is launching its own Snapchat account, allowing the organization to immediately update and connect with fans.

Up until reading this article, I thought Snapchat was an unproductive tool used to send “ugly” faces (aka duck faces) or inappropriate photos to one another for the millennial generation. In fact, I strongly disliked Snapchat for a long time because I found it (in most cases) to be used inappropriately. After reading Mashable’s article however, my views have shifted.


ASP is using Snapchat in a sophisticated and fun way to better connect with fans. The organization launched its account only two months ago and already has over 9,000 followers. ASP not only has thousands of followers, but they also follow their fans back. This allows the organization to gain a personal connection with fans and better promote their brand. For example, Rookie of the Year, Nat Young, ran a digital autograph session on the account and was able to personally reply back to fans. This tactic was a huge success for the organization.

Nat Young, 2013 ASP Rookie of the Year

Several companies are following in ASP’s footsteps and are taking advantage of Snapchat’s productive uses. I once found Snapchat to be a useless tool, however I was proved wrong. Brands now have the ability to personally build connections with fans, send immediate updates and have higher control over its image.

What are your thoughts on Snapchat being used to help further brand organziations? What are other uses organizations can gain within the Snapchat app?


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