An Educational Infographic

This past week, my J452 Strategic Public Relations Communication class created infographics. I chose education reform as my focus for my infographic (shown below) and used Piktochart to help create my assignment.

I would advise anyone creating an infographic to choose strong visuals and a sophisticated font. For example, I stated different statistics regarding my topic (education) and then displayed these statistics visually. I also only chose two fonts, Helvetica and Futura, when displaying any text. I found these fonts to be sophisticated and simple; I didn’t want my text to distract from my visuals.

When choosing colors for your infographic, try to keep it simple. An infographic has a lot going on – different text, visuals and colors – and it is therefore important to keep your infogrpahic minimal so it doesn’t get too busy.

What do you think makes a strong infographic? Are there any tips you’d like to share?



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